Challenge Wratislavia – Performance Breakdown By Country & Age Group

I can’t say for certain, but it can’t be far from the truth, Challenge Wratislavia is one of the biggest International youth fencing competitions in the world. It’s been in and out of favour as a selection event with England Fencing over the past few years, but rewind a few years and this is what U15 fencers in England were all focused on – getting their ENG stripes and being part of the squad travelling to Wroclaw. I was fortunate enough to attend this competions 4 times, not just with the England squad but also as an independent. It’s a truely fantastic event and a great entry point to competitive International fencing. If you just fancy a taste of International fencing or you’re looking for that stepping stone into the EFC U17 cadet series, this is event for you. Fingers crossed England Fencing reverse the terrible decision to remove this as a selection event and the next generations of fencers can once again experience this great competition as part of the England squad.

So, with that being said, I thought it would be interesting to see how fencers have performed for their countries over the years and how results at Challenge Wratislavia translate to performances in EFC cadet events and FIE junior world cups. You can see all of this for yourself right here;

EFC Krakow – Wawel Dragon Trophy

Normally taking place towards the end of the cadet season, this event attracts a good number of fencers and is definitely worth a visit.


Normally taking place towards the end of the cadet season, this event attracts a good number of fencers and is definitely worth a visit. The only negative I have is that it’s held in two different halls, so it feels a bit disjointed and if you’re in the com-com zone hall, it almost feels like you’re in a different competition all-together. Krakow normally doesn’t have a team competition, so bear that in mind.

It’s very similar to Challenge Wratislava in my mind – but maybe that’s just because both take place in Poland!

Years attended – 2020 & 2022


Hala Widowiskowo & Com-Com Zone

The main hall is Hala Widowiskowo and the extra pistes are located a 2 minute walk away in the com-com zone. Both are good spaces, but it’s worth noting that the cafe, shop and majority of the action takes places in the main hall. And like I mention above, this is very much like the ORBITA sports hall used for Challenge Wratislava in that it’s right on the outskirts and is a taxi ride from pretty much wherever you choose to stay.


We opted for a bit of luxury for our visit and stayed at the Sheraton Grand. It ticked all the boxes to be fair, but for our second visit we opted for the Holiday Inn Krakow City Centre which would be my recommendation. Very well situated for the old town – just a couple of minutes walk – and a quick enough taxi journey to the venue.

A few fencers stayed closer to the venue, but discovered there were very few restaurants near to their hotels so ended up getting a taxi in to the city centre.

Shops & Places To Eat

Krakow old town has a lot of choices, we ate at Betmanowska Residence on the main square which is definitelty geared towards catering for tourists. There is though one place I would strongly recommend in the old town and that’s Czarna Kaczka / Black Duck. A reservation will definitely be needed, but it’s well worth finding time to pay this amazing restaurant a visit.