A Look Back At Epee Fencing in 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, I thought it would be interesting to looks at some of the key stats from the last 12 months. Although entries are still down on pre-covid times, there was a significant increase in competition participation when compared with 2022. Domestic competition activity for 2023 rose from 1619 fencers in 2022 to 2288 – this is very much in line with the numbers we were seeing in 2019. That being said, the number of competitions being entered has not recovered, finishing at 6812 which is significantly down from 7918 in 2017.

For more stats and competition results see – https://dankew.me/epee

Largest International Event 2023
713 – Challenge Wratislavia
589 – Coupe du Danube – Bratislava (EFC Cadet)
541 – Budapest Cadet Circuit (EFC Cadet)
470 – Osijek Fencing Cup (EFC U14)
464 – Colmar U23 European Circuit

Largest Domestic Event 2023
481 – Public Schools’ Fencing Championships
424 – British Youth Championships
264 – England Youth Championships
214 – Cocks Moors Woods Epee
190 – BUCS Individuals

Most Active Fencers Male 2023
30 – Solu Ngoka (Salle Paul North London Fencing Club)
29 – Vladimir Kukharev (The Chelsea Fencing Club)
21 – Casey Jones (Salle Paul North London Fencing Club)
21 – Lev Pyurbeev (The Chelsea Fencing Club)
20 – Ernesto Chiappini (The Chelsea Fencing Club)

Most Active Fencers Female 2023
27 – Eloise Russell (Malvern Hills Sword Club)
27 – Kira Grahamslaw (TMFC Fencing)
27 – Katy Hawthorne (TMFC Fencing)
26 – Lea Panyandee-Cappelli (Knightsbridge Fencing Club)
25 – Isabella Howser (OPS Epee Club)

Most Active Domestic Clubs 2023
333 – Salle Paul North London Fencing Club
235 – OPS Epee Club
223 – Knightsbridge Fencing Club
213 – Malvern Hills Sword Club
207 – Brixton Fencing Club

Most Wins Male 2023
7 – Solu Ngoka (Salle Paul North London Fencing Club)
4 – Oghenegaren Esiovwa-Thompson (Haverstock Fencing Club)
4 – Winston Fung (Dream Fencing Club)
4 – Lucas Farlam (Dacorum Fencing Club)
4 – Sameer Sunder-Rajan (Brixton Fencing Club)

Most Wins Female 2023
8 – Zoia Hinzhuk (Dacorum Fencing Club)
7 – Isabella Howser (OPS Epee Club)
6 – Reya Farlam (Dacorum Fencing Club)
5 – Lea Panyandee-Cappelli (Knightsbridge Fencing Club)
4 – Thea Tchalenko (Brixton Fencing Club)

Most Podiums Male 2023
13 – Dylan Helme (Wingerworth Fencing Club)
12 – Solu Ngoka (Salle Paul North London Fencing Club)
9 – Winston Fung (Dream Fencing Club)
9 – Tristan Lumineau (Salle Paul North London Fencing Club)
7 – James Dunmall (Royal Tunbridge Wells Fencing Club)

Most Podiums Female 2023
12 – Lea Panyandee-Cappelli (Knightsbridge Fencing Club)
11 – Isabella Howser (OPS Epee Club)
11 – Reya Farlam (Dacorum Fencing Club)
11 – Eleanor Scott (The Chelsea Fencing Club)
10 – Zoia Hinzhuk (Dacorum Fencing Club)

One thought on “A Look Back At Epee Fencing in 2023”

  1. Hi Dan, Thank you very much for all the work then sharing this. You note that entries are lower than 2017. I have changed type of epee events I am doing, moving away from big opens, now focussing more on Veteran events, both here and abroad. There is no way I can expect you to include a vast range of Veteran events from home and abroad, I just say this to reassure you that numbers might not have dropped as much as you think. Eg i have entered two Vets comps this month, and did I think three others since the start of September. Many thanks again for doing this, kind regards Pete

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