Fencing Club Profiles & Recent Results

I thought of this a few years ago but never got around to coding it – essentially if you’re running a fencing club social media account, website news page or maybe you announce the recent results at club nights, it’s very easy to miss who competed in what competition.

Fast forward to now, several years after thinking about creating a page to help with this, I believe there still isn’t any place you can visit that can easily present that information. Well, there is now. I’ve expanded the Club Profile page to include all results by fencers from the selected club.

Crawley Sword Club – https://dankew.me/epee/club.php?c=61

Get Loose – House

I sat on this for a few days because I wan’t so sure about it – something just seemed off so it was ready for the music graveyard. Gave it another listen this morning, and decided it’s just about good enough to keep, so here it is. The vocal sample chop comes from Raze – Bass Power, but as that’s been sampled to death already, I chopped up a small portion and rearranged to make some phrases that kind of sound like words, but aren’t.