How To Make Music Like – Michael Bibi (Part 3 – Julien Earle)

Making A FULL Tech House Track Like Michael Bibi & PAWSA From Start To Finish [+Samples]

Julien around this time tended to put out short videos with just 8 bar loops, but this one promises a full tech house track. In reality it’s not quite that as it’s just 48 bars and is basically an intro, build and short drop, but it’s the best starting point of the three videos I’ve looked at so far. This is reinforced by its popularity, having had 46,225 views since its release in June 2019. I would guess a fair few producers have followed along with this

Now, my first observation about this video is that although aspects of it remind me of the style of music Michael Bibi was making in 2019, but it actiually reminded me of a tune that featured in sets played by Michael. Check out Michael Bibi | Set [Lost City] [Lost Beach] [Quito, Ecuador 2019] and at approximately 4 minutes into the video he drops Roger That – How Does It Feel which I think is the inspiration for Juliens video.

As with his first video, which I covered here, Julien focuses on similar traits – bouncy kick drum pattern, groove from the hats & percs and of course, lots of saturation. What seemed out of place was the dominant white noise sweeps, but they make sense when you listen to Roger That – along with the synth stab call and response.

So with that in mind, this is my interpretation of this tutorial (obviously without using the same Blue Monday vocal as the Roger That tune).

For the previous two tracks I’ve made I used bass samples, but for this track to remain in keeping with what Julien suggests in his video, I used Operator to create an FM Bass along with CamelCrusher to give it some distortion.

Main bass

To give the bass some extra width and weight I created a second channel using exactly the same Operator patch but this time I used a different distortion, EQ’d out the lows and then widened it with Ozone Imager.

Wide top bass

And this is the full arrangement.

Is Juliens tutorial any good? Well, it’s not bad to be fair. If you follow along and apply some simple arrangement to extend the track beyond 48 bars, you’ll end up with something reasonable I would imagine – just go easy on the white noise sweeps!

Now at this point I will note that Julien put out a lot of very similar videos;
How To Michael Bibi Style Tech House [+Samples]
How To Tech House Basslines Like Patrick Topping, Fisher, Michael Bibi & Toolroom [+Samples]
How To Make Tech House Drums Like Michael Bibi, Fisher & Hot Since 82 [+Samples]
Tech House Tutorial Like Cloonee, Michael Bibi & Fisher [+Samples]
… and so on

For the most part these are focused on his sample pack and how it can be used to create tracks similar to the artists mentioned in the titles. I won’t spend any time on these as there isn’t much new ground covered, so next up it will be CAPONNE – Como fazer um drop estilo Michael Bibi & Pawsa do zero

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