Finishing Tracks Is Its Own Practice

Late last night I was catching up on my youtube subscriptions and this vid appeared on my feed from Bthelick. Now, I make a lot of music and I also publish a lot of it on Soundcloud, but I also sit on a lot and probably 1 in every 5 tracks I start, I don’t finish.

When I first started to get into music production, I spent a lot of time watching videos which claimed to help improve my music production. They can be useful to a certain extent (and I still and will continue to watch them) but in real life, to get better, I believe t’s simply a case of putting in the hours making music – the Malcolm Gladwell ten thousand hours assertion.

I’m roughly now 3 years in and have 264 tracks released on SoundCloud. I’ve had the odd success like 40 Degree Heatwave with over 4000 listens on youtube and more recently Let Me Hear You Say… on Soundcloud with over 1000 plays. These little blips are nice when they happen, and there really seems to be no indicator when they will. I’ve put out what I think are some great tracks only for them to be played a handful of times and then to disappear into the depths of my profile feed.

So, I scrolled back through my private tracks and found this. I made it around 3 or 4 months ago. I’m not sure why I didn’t release it at the time – I’m was probably unhappy with something minor so never considered it to be finished. It’s finished now as it’s public! Maybe this is ‘the one’ that makes me a superstar producer 😂

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